Have you been part of a startup?

Were you affected by the recent COVID-19 layoffs?

Singapore Startup Talent Directory

Everyone knows what you (electronically) signed up for as part of the #startupculture: long days, late nights, chaos, constant

change and uncertainty. 

Together with 20 million people in the US and a few hundred million worldwide, the recent COVID-19 situation hasn't spared startups in Singapore either. But what truly sets you, startup talentsapart is your ability to adapt to change, to embrace chaos and to always (re)build from ground up

They say the virus might never go away. But you will evolve, faster and stronger than everyone else, because this is exactly how the #startuplife built you to be.​ In the words of Airbnb's Brian Chesky, whom we were very inspired by,

"The world will never stop seeking the qualities and talents that you bring..."

All the best for your next startup hunt!

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